DeckCheck is an asset management program designed to prolong the life of your vehicular and pedestrian traffic deck coatings while providing you significant savings.


Our semi-annual inspection program is an affordable service that provides the following benefits:


1. Assures you meet all manufacturer’s maintenance requirements to keep the warranty in force for the life of the coating.


2. Qualifies your coating to be eligible for a “re-coat” of the top coat at the end of the 5 year warranty, extending the life of the deck coating for an additional 5 years.


3. Acceptance into the preferred customer program with MCW Restoration Services, LLC and Metro Caulking & Waterproofing, LLC., divisions of MCW Companies, LLC. Preferred customers receive the following benefits:

     a. VIP Scheduling

     b. Discounts on deck coating reparis

     c. Discounts on all other work performed by MCW Companies, LLC's subsidiaries, Including:

                1. Concrete repairs

                2. Caulking

                3. Waterproofing

                4. Expansion joints

                5. Planter waterproofing

                6. Concrete restoration projects

                7. Construction Management Services

                            8. Polyurethane-Methacrylate (PUMA) Coating

     d. Discount on the re-coat at 5 years

     e. Discount on the entire re-coating project down the road




DeckCheck can provide the following types of inspections:


1. Vehicular Traffic Coatings on parking structures and ramps

2. Pedestrian traffic coatings on




      Mechanical Rooms

      Trash Rooms


Customers Receive:


  • Two inspections per year
  • Full report including photos and recommendations
  • Designated representative to handle all of your waterproofing needs



DeckCheck inspectors are trained by all major deck coating waterproofing manufacturers in the industry and have extensive experience with deck coatings.